10. Lorde - Perfect Places

For the longest time I thought Homemade Dynamite was my favourite track from Melodrama but there's something about Perfect Places that's so profoundly bittersweet about it that really encapsulates the album for me. Perfect last track.


9. Yaeji - Raingurl

My favourite thing about Yaeji and her work is how effortlessly simple, almost mundane things seem at first but then she really just pulls you in for an intoxicating sonic experience. Raingurl really just does that the best out of EP2.


8. Arca - Anoche

Arca putting vocals in his tracks was definitely one of the loveliest things musically this year. For a track that I do not understand, it's still so emotionally moving with how yearnful the vocal melody is over that shattering, haunting production.


7. Tei Shi - Baby

This could have easily been a hit if it was some other mainstream artist, so underrated. The vocal melody is so precious, so manja and passionate, esp for a song that turns out to be a pretty sad one.


6. Rostam - Gwan

'And then I see you, the light falls through the room and all of it don't seem so hard' From the smile in his voice to that gorgeous, bittersweet strings arrangement at the end, this is probably the warmest and earnest song I've heard this year.


5. Bjork - Saint

'Music heals too, I'm here to defend it' The song starts so sweetly melancholic with the birdsong and flute but once that drop comes in the middle of the song, the track really just flourishes into a breathtaking sonic reverie.


4. SZA - Supermodel

There's this certain quality to how SZA delivers her feelings on CTRL that's just so simple but unapologetically honest and stirring. I found myself humming to the songs on CTRL the whole year, truly an infectious, beautifully made album.


3. Baths - Abscond

This song breathes that beaming, wholesome feeling of being in love and its adrenaline for me. With the cheeky melodies galloping through the idyllic lyricism, Will really does capture romanticism at its best here. Favourite album of 2017, imo.


2. The Japanese House - Saw You in a Dream

I remember hearing this song for the first time and just blown away by it. It's so smooth and melancholic, but it also wraps you up with a certain warmth. The vocal melody here reminds me a lot of Caroline Polachek, but with a beautiful extra sting of longing.


1. Sufjan Stevens - Mystery of Love

My expectation grew way too high when they announced that not only my fave book was to be adapted into a movie, but out of all people, one of my most fave musicians wrote songs for it. Sufjan just smoothly melts of that down and gave us this beautiful lyrical gem of perfection.

He really took all of the lovely qualities of why I believe Carrie & Lowell should have gotten a Grammy, doused away the sadness it had and gifted us this shining masterpiece